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Mikael XII
10.02.03, 21:19
Do you know any good books about Krupp Industry, all of it ?
that would be fairly easy to get in Sweden ?

10.02.03, 22:41
Not yet, but, if I had time tomorrow I will search! You mean the history of it or something other?
The only thing I can say now is, that the krupp werke had produced a cannon for the ottomans and they hat used it in the second world war in the Marmara-see and now they stand in the museum of Istanbul

11.02.03, 18:14
Sorry, I hadn't time the whole day and since tomorrow I'm not at home. So eventually anybody other can help you!

Mikael XII
11.02.03, 19:19
I have found info about Dicke Bertha, Paris Gun, and some other gun as well, but not any more.
I want basicly everythign you can dig up about their Industrial empire :)
and thanx for trying, i shall check Istanbul though.

Herzog v. Malborough
13.02.03, 01:47
Sorry, but I have not find any book in English or Swedish, but if you go to your local book shop, he shurely will give you some version of this one:


Here's a book only of the arms of Krupp, but completly in english:


Of all I can say I didn't read them, but the description in Amazon sounds interesting.

Mikael XII
14.02.03, 20:11
I could get a hold of all the books above, i think.
but i can only order home:

Manchester, William - The arms of Krupp

but im ordering it.