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:D One little item,
The illustrations for this thread will be made later on as my eyes have yet not fully recovered can take an other 2 weeks or so.
But a promise is a promis there will be maps and so in time.
I have chosen for this form of writting to give the Historical fackts a more lively charackter and wittnesing the events unrolle from a human perspective will ease the reading and learning .
I hope youre noble people won't blame me for it.
--------------------------------------------------------- 1 ----------------------
Berlin 2-12 1863

"Well?" Bismarck asked wenn he took back the courier dispatch wich van Roon had been reading.
As usual count Albrecht van Roon let time go by to think realy cearfully before speaking in the mean time he suck on his sigar.
The Room was half darkend the gas-light turned to a minimum and on the dressoire stood to tree-armed chandelairs with candels becourse Bismarck still prefered these.
The shadow half engulfed von Roon's thinking face, a servant silently set a tabloit with Bier on Bismarck's buro,he wanted this to be refiled authomaticly for he hated to call for service with visitors pressent.
Roon folded his hands and looked slightly to the side,"Look obviouce to me that the gentele man in Kopenhagen haven't understood the message and franckly that is precais what we wanted them to do."
Bismarck noded, "Are we ready for a re-match, as we all know the last round in 49/50 wasn't quitte the sucses we had hoped for."
Roon turned his head to Moltke who as allways sat a little aside from the other two, just on the border of shadow and light .
Moltke did that so if he spoke his voice would seem to come out of the darkness wich gave him a psycolochical advantage over his conversation partners and he blocked them from seeing emotions on his face.
Moltke ,then, was chief of the genaral staf and Roon was his direckt chief as Commander in chief of the Prussian army next to being 2th in command of the German Reichsheer in those day's
The seperat armies of the member states of the German empire in cluding Austria's german lands (Hungary was excluded so where Galisia and Slovakia)
Commander in Chief (Oberbefehlshaber) of the Reichsheer was the Austrian Marshal von der Gablenz.
"We have till now equipped 8 Infantry and 2 full-cavalry regiments armed with the new waepons and oure Gun-supplaior Herrn Krupp has garantied that the 12,14 and 15cm Siegeguns will be delivered on time 1th of Februari next."
"How manx?" wanted Bismarck to know.
"The full 150 herr Kansler as was orgiginaly agreed on."
"Well,well Krupp knows his buisnes,I like a man that stands to his worth."
"Thats why I choose him herr kansler"Roon smiled,he jested with his hand to Moltke to make him go on.
"Forgive me General," Bismarck interrupted,"I havend read the last develpments conserning this Guns be so good to fill me in there....."
"Off course.....,these Guns are manly Siegeguns 12 14 and 15 cm using 12 18 ore 24 pounders as ammo with a range of 5500 meters ,the best way to transport them is by rail and by far the quikest as well."
"And those are the most modern Guns in Europe aren't they?."
"Yes her Kansler, no nation on earth posseses these unique Guns and in these numbers."
"Hmm...." Bismarck rubbed his mustasche and eyed Moltke "Pleace go ahead"
"The best thing herr Kansler, is that these Guns are still a secret nowone knows of the exsistance of these weapons."
"Lets keep the lit on this for a whille longer shall we?,and fore all lets not tell the old-guy about this.........."
All of them knew well that there souvreign had the unwelcome habbit of speaking somewhat carlessly about things better consived.
Roon took a simple folded pace of paper out of his jacket and handet it to Bismarck,for a little whille Bismarck could see the foldse that had emerged on van Roon's face and the stagering rate of his hair's greying,'Yes....we have to ackt quikly for we are getting old' was the thought that flashed trough his mind.
" I have taken the liberty to pre-mobilise the IIth comb. Reg. of Prince Friedrich-Karl and.......the III and IV Garde Inf.Reg."
" That's now problem,however I wish to urge the point that it should not be Prussian troops that cross into Schleswig or Holstein as first ones , all must be done to ommit the impression that we are just ittshing for this war ore that we are after terratorial gain."
"I thought we wern't?" Roon said.
"We curtainly won't annex any of the Duchies but we will use there assets for the achievment of our ultimate goale."
Bismarck didn't needed to explain that for He, van Roon and Moltke knew each other for years and had now secrets for each other.
"What of the Austrians" Moltke added.
"If the Danes percist to imposse there new set of Basic Law's onto Schleswig and keep on threating Holstein and Lüneburg as occupaid terratories wich are to be annext,after Schleswig wich is to become a province of Danmark at once, the German Reich kan only follow one course of action.........
We,as a member state of the Empire can't stand asside while Danmark annexes Reich's terratorium and even better,so can't the Austrians if they value there leading rolle in the Empire.
And my dear Moltke, You will get a free chance to see if the Austrians have learned something from there defeats against the Frensh and Italians during the Italian war's.
And like you, I am curiuoce to see if the Austrians are realy modernising there forces and arming them with the new Frensh Chassepot riffles, needles to say that that would not be verry welcome developement"
Roon smiled.."Ach ja,Lünneburg one would almost forget......"
"General, if the Danish can hang on to Lünneburg they can asume some controlle over the Elbe river and its traffic and the hamper Hamburg in it's growth.
In short they can de-stabelise the economic development of Northern-Germany."
Bismarck turned to Moltke,"Lets hear youre little secret"
"Well, a small one indeed,I have persuaded the nobel gentelman of Hannover and Mecklemburg to allow me to Mobilise there troops."
"Which could be a bit pre-mature dear Moltke,but I take it that you have a plan with that."
"Herr Kansler these soldiers have been put to work,building a railroad from Hannover by Celle to Soltau south of the Lüneburg border.
"Far better than having them hanging around in there camp's, and oure troops are building a railroad from Wismar to the border near Lübeck."
"Well,you menaged to surpraise me there......soldiers who build railroads that's a new one indeed..."
"They will do this together with trained railworkers ofcourse but with a aditional laboure force of 18000 man the work get's done a lot faster and cheaper for we charge now wages for the soldiers."
"You have to enlighten me a bit on this one dear General." Bismarck ment pressenting new sigars.
"Herr Kansler it's all about my modernisation plans for the army,if a may be so bolt to state, the whole of my planning is centered around the speed with wich can deploy oure available troops there where they are needed............"
" You need more railroads for that,but pleace go on enlightening me....."
"....The best and fastes way we can gather troops on pre-agreed on assemble places from the far corners of our country is to transport them by trains."
"True,general,verry true, but we don't have the rolling-stock to do that,by far I would say."
"Yes Herr Kansler so we have worked out an agree-ment with the railroad-commpagny wich bennefits both, we help them cheaply with the construction of there lines and they will step up the production of rolling-stocks and in building this oure craftsman will aide them as well,it works.....believe me."
" A logistic bullseye it seems dear General...........,good...then we are in agrement that we can face the test and thus I will writte that we will rejeckt the new "November"Law's for as far as they envolve Reichs terratoria."
Both General noded, all of them knew that the dices where casted.
----------------------------------------------------- 2 ---------------------------
Vienna 9-12 1863

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