Mit GM Koenigsmoerder als 3. deutschen Manager erweitern die Facharbeiter aus Deutschland ihren Einfluss in der RDFL

RDFL Patriots HQ, MUNICH, Germany, Bay.
The Patirots stunned the RDFL Saturday night by naming Koenigsmoerder as their new general manager following weeks of secret courtship.

The Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, said he was Koenigsmoerder to get to work for the Patriots.
„After already two German managers working in the RDFL it was only a matter of time until another German follows.
Koenigsmoerder takes over one of the finest institutions in the RDFL, all of Munich will pursue his career in the RDFL with suspense.“.

Koenigsmoerder, a former FOF manager in the SP league, moved only recently from Erlangen to the Bavarian capital Munich. Now he will have to pack his suitcases again for the trip to Boston.

RDFL analysts have been discussing a possible dominance of German top managers in the league for days.

Quelle: RDFL Team Press Releases