Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Toaw III - Neuer Patsch

23.09.07, 23:55
Was man nicht alles findet, wenn man einmal anderswo schaut: http://www.matrixgames.com/games/downloads.asp?gid=317.

24.09.07, 00:36
Was der Patch beinhaltet:

Change History:
v3.2.29.27 August 29, 2007
1. Changed the Combat Planning Dialog. Artillery units that are within range, but are not in a mode where they will normally support the attack now show up with a red X across them. You can click the red X to make them join the battle in a direct bombardment role.

2. Added both Next and Previous buttons to the Combat Planning screen, which allow you to cycle through all planned combats.

3. On the Combat Planning and Combat Results screen, holding the space bar will make the dialog box disappear until released, while a brief press of the space bar will temporarily toggle off the dialog box, with it automatically reappearing in a few seconds. This is to allow you to better see the location of the action, or planned action.

4. Changed the combat report display to show the bottom line events (the important details) in silver.

5. <Shift><Ctrl>F4 will create an OOB dump, for the active side only. This may allow a functionality for creating derivative scenarios based on various points within a played game, AAR writing, unit sorting, etc. Be creative!

6. New Flanking Rules - If the defender has two non-adjacent hexes that he can't be attacked from (for example, one sea hex to the NW and one friendly unit to the NE), then attackers 120 degrees apart no longer cause a flanking attack. Against such a defender, it is only considered a flanking attack if the attacker has units that are180 degrees apart. Previously, if you had a horizontal front on the map, it would have multiple flanks exposed because of the zigzag of the hexes on that axis. This change is intended to make sure that even though the line zigzags, it won't introduce cases where units are subject to flanking, when they probably shouldn’t be. Possible consequences include making it easier to defend, and making map edges and impassable terrain features more important. This is an option available under the Advanced Game Options.

7. Guerrilla units should now be properly invisible if not moving and the hex is not 'seen'. Previously, they weren't unless they were the top unit.

8. Nuclear attacks now receive the flanking bonus, causing more collateral damage.

9. Headquarters and Artillery in Tactical Reserve will no longer advance into an adjacent combat during the non-active player’s turn. They will still support eligible battles with ranged fire, but will not be pulled into adjacent battle hexes.

10. Helicopters and Equipment transported by helicopters now take less damage. You need an air superiority ratio (including local AA) of 4:1 to be safe. With lesser ratios, the casualties will mount quickly. Previous safe level was 10:1.

Helicopters are treated differently from regular traffic. They are very durable, but prone to damage. Damaged helicopters, and equipment transported by them, will go into the replacement pool instead of being destroyed. Damage is based on Enemy versus Friendly Air Superiority, and has enemy AA added if AA spotted them. Friendly and Enemy AA units don't have a direct affect on casualties, only on whether damage occurs.

Whether an attack occurs depends on whether the Enemy has noticed the hex, an electronic support check, how much Low AA Fire they might be subject to, and the unit density in the hex. This means that you should fly over jungles and wilderness, not the enemy concentrations!

11. The Anti-shipping flag and DPMX flags now work on ships. This should make missile ships effective on shipping

12. Weather patterns (cloud cover) should be more realistic.

13. Users with 1024x768 desktop resolutions can now see circle of stars on right side even when taskbar is visible.

14. Double-clicking a .PBL or .SAL file will launch TOAW III. Double-clicking on a .SCE file will launch the TOAW III Scenario Editor.

15. Scrolling using the keyboard now updates the bottom status line correctly.

16. VCR Replay now plays full screen.

17. If using a Mouse Wheel or 4-button mouse, there are now three additional zoom levels (Huge, Tiny and Ultra Tiny). This works for both the main program, as well as the editor.

18. Added the option to use new terrain files if they're installed. They are:


19. Added a zipped file to the AltGraphics folder that contains fixed versions for the following tile sets:


20. These new and corrected files can be extracted from the zipped folder and added to either or both of the Graphics and AltGraphics folders. The road, railroad, and cultivated files correct minor imperfections that have been in the tile sets since TOAW I. The damaged bridge set demonstrates the possibility of using one of the newly defined sets mentioned above. As always with Graphics modification, back up your existing files first, before overwriting so that if you wish to change back to a different set, you still have the files available. It is generally best to put graphics mods in the AltGraphic folder. The program will use files in the folder first, and the Graphics swap routines in the Windows Start Menu will overwrite file in the Graphics folder, with the standard tile sets, including any modded files therein.

21. Added optional files u_ and t_ (Tiny and Ultra Tiny) - These haven't been tested extensively, contact Ralph Trickey if you're interested in developing these.

22. What Would Elmer Do? This is displayed by using the following new Hotkeys:

< / > What would Elmer do? This displays the objectives. The Red line is from the currently selected unit to the currently active objective, the Blue lines are the objectives for the current formation.

< ? > What would Elmer do with everything? The Blue lines display the objectives for all formations.

<space> Redraw screen, to get rid of the lines.

23. Armies that are scheduled to withdraw will now also appear on the selected reinforcements dialog.

24. VisibleAI - This is intended for troubleshooting the AI. If playing the AI against the AI, if you hold down on the CTRL key, you will see detailed information on the current state of the AI for the formation that just moved. To enable this feature, you will need to edit your Opart3.ini file, setting the visibleAI flag to Y.

25. Event List selection layout in editor is improved.

26. The Caps Lock key will toggle between fast and regular speeds in the resolution of Elmer’s moves. The Shift key will speed up his resolution while depressed. The Spacebar will pause his resolution wile depressed.

27. Objective labels are now brass colored in the editor to make them easier to read.

28. Editor: Deployment – In addition to the numbered tracks, objective tracks can now be displayed graphically on the map panel. When the “Place Objective” button is active, use the “I” key to toggle between the various modes. In order, they are: objective path of currently selected formation, objective paths of all formations and DBR’s of all units, no units or paths visible, all units visible but no paths displayed. Red arrowed lines indicate the currently selected unit’s first objective, while blue arrowed lines show the path from lowest to highest numbered objectives for the formation. If you are using this feature in the editor, it will still be active in the game, if you do not first completely exit TOAW III and then restart it. See “What Would Elmer Do?” for more new features to assist in PO tweaking.

29. Right-clicking on the deployment selection on the right pane of the editor will now cycle through the selection backwards.

30. Foreground sound files can now be per scenario just like graphics files. In addition, you can (but don't have to) put a 1 or 2 in front for the player number. For example, 1advance.ogg and 2advance.ogg or just advance.ogg.

31. The limits to the Movement Bias range have been increased to (14,455). This will allow units to achieve their nominal movement ranges under virtually all environmental conditions.

32. Withdraw and other events will now list the name of the unit if the unit was divided.

33. Fixed a problem with some scenarios (like Suez 73) created with early versions of the editor. Units would occasionally change formations when being divided.

34. Canceling an attack while at sea now zeros movement points. (This was the COW behavior.) The other behavior allowed for infinite sea transports by attacking and canceling an attack.

35. Debarking while at sea no longer frees up transport points.

36. Helicopters no longer embark onto trains.

37. Airmobile units will now bounce back instead of just hanging in the water/etc. if you click off them and they can't debark.

38. Minimize TOAW at end of PBEM turn cheat removed.

39. Spanish and German load dialogs have been fixed.

40. Selecting an invalid language DLL file no longer hangs TOAW.

41. Mouse button, map scrolling and micro map scrolling were changed in an attempt to fix the issue with WINE.

42. The Air AI now respects the same rules humans do for status changes.

43. Elmer can no longer take units out of Garrison mode.

44. Fixed the sound library so that we can turn on the Multi-CPU switch and later on use multiple CPU’s.

45. Choice of Advanced/Simple game rules is now saved with the save game file. Previously, it could be set from the startup screen, wasn't saved with the save game file, and allowed a cheat to occur by changing to Simple Rules in the middle of a PBEM turn.

46. Windows fonts look better now. Added a black outline one pixel down and to the left.

47. Shifted DBR circles right 4 pixels to align them properly.

48. OOB XML Export has been improved. The Unit and Formation numbers are not relative to the side, they start with 1 for both sides. This may make understanding events a little harder until we add a side into the export. On the other hand, that makes easier to change if we want to expand the units/formations later.

49. OOB XML Import of objectives has been fixed.

50. Generally speeded up Elmer's movement.

51. Naval units will now concentrate more. It doesn't look as nice, but it works with the new AA rules better.

52. Fixed the problem where sea-borne units would sometimes loop back to their starting objective.

53. Elmer should not move his Artillery, HQs, and similar units into enemy territory. He should do a better job of keeping his Rear Echelon units in his rear.

54. Fixed a problem where Elmer would try to send units that couldn't fly to airports to fly.

55. Fixed several serious problems with Elmer not attacking properly.

56. Elmer now works better when unsupplied.

57. Added 33 new or newly revised scenarios. Several of them take advantage of specifically modified databases. By author and (sometimes abbreviated) titles, they are as follows:

Bob Cross: Cambrai 1917, CFNA 40-43, CFNA 40D-43, CFNA 41-43, CFNA 41N-43, CFNA 42-43, CFNA 42O-43, Killer Angels 1863, The Next War 1979.
Boonierat: Vietnam Combat Operations Volume 1, Vietnam Combat Operations Volume 2, Vietnam Combat Operations Volume 3.
Silvain Domen: Trotsky's War 1939.
Pelle Holmen: Nordic Light 1992.
Rob Kunz: Road to Moscow Series (8 scenarios), Ardennes 1944.
Sam Mudd: Sino Japanese War 1937-45, Papua New Guinea 1942, Guadalcanal 1942.
Erik Nygaard: Crete Operation Merkur 1941, Double Eagle Rising Sun 1904-05, Holland A Bridge Too Far 1944, Malta Operazione C3 1942, Operation Torch 1942, Race for Tunis 1942, Weserubung 1940.

58. International Support - Added in better support for UTF-8 in XML. That means that the equipment.xml file, among other files, should be looked at again to make sure that the international characters work correctly. That means that some scenarios may be able to use Cyrillic for Russian units and place names, etc.

59. Windows Fonts – Added in support for Windows Fonts. The code still doesn’t understand that Fonts can be of different heights, so the support is still limited. Since not everyone has the same fonts installed, scenario designers should strive to use common fonts that ship with Windows, fonts you have documented authority to use, or freeware fonts that are easily obtainable. If special fonts are used, then your documentation should include a web-link to allow users to download the font files. Matrix Games does not condone IP theft, so please make sure that any copyrighted fonts used are legally available, and distributable. We will be posting some tips and primers for the use of Windows fonts on the Matrix Games forums in the TOAW III section.

24.09.07, 03:00
Wie verträgt sich das Ganze mit laufenden Spielen/Szenarios?

Al. I. Cuza
24.09.07, 09:03
Eher nicht.

05.10.07, 15:55
Man kann mit der alten Version keine Spielstände von der neuen laden.
Derzeit muss ich leider testen ob es geht, wenn ich mit der alten angefangen habe und ulysses mit der neuen weitergespielt hat, ob wir nun problemlos mit der neuen weiterspielen können.

05.10.07, 16:34
Das Gute ist das man ähnlich wie bei HOI einfach den toaw Ordner kopieren und auch getrennt patchen kann; so dass man mehrere verschiedene toaw Installationen getrennt fahren kann.

05.10.07, 17:02
Super, das will ich gerade versuchen.

05.10.07, 22:36
habe mItwoch eine zweites TOAW auf meinem Computer mit dme aktuellen Patch angelegt. funktioniert einwandfrei.

Ein Wechsel vom alten zum neuen Patch im PBEM ist übrigens auch möglich. Der Wechsel muss wohl von Spieler 1 vorgenommen werden.

08.10.07, 17:52
sehe ich es richtig das es 3 patches gibt? müssen die der reihe nach gedownlaoded werden oder reicht der lezte?

08.10.07, 19:05
der aktuellste sollte reichen

08.10.07, 19:46
hab alle 3 runtegeladen puhh das spiel ist ganz schön kompliziert... ;) gibt es die möglichkeit es in vollbild zu spielen? snonsten sehr nice muss ich sagen. muss aber erstmal richtig durchsteigen und nen paar statistiken wären noch toller für das spiel ;-)

08.10.07, 22:00
Problem :D.

Wir haben jetzt ja auch gepatcht, da meine Fitepartien aber noch ganz am Anfang stehen rätseln wir jetzt ob man da noch während der Partie auf die neuen Flanking Regeln umschalten kann oder ob man dazu ein neues Spiel starten muss.

Der werte Bismarck meint dazu ist kein Neustart möglich, ich denke es ist einer möglich. Wir orakeln aber beide völlig ins Blaue aus dem Bauch heraus. Weiss da ein werter Mitregent genauer Bescheid?

08.10.07, 22:12
habe mitten in einem EA spiel gepatcht...läuft einwandfrei....

soweit ich weiß, muß Spieler 1 zuerst patchen, dan Spieler 2

08.10.07, 22:14
habe mitten in einem EA spiel gepatcht...läuft einwandfrei....

soweit ich weiß, muß Spieler 1 zuerst patchen, dan Spieler 2
Es geht v.a. darum ob man mitten im Spiel die Regeln umstellen kann.

Denn die neuen Flanking Regeln sind ja eine optionale Advanced Rule.

Kann man die mitten im Spiel umstellen?

08.10.07, 22:19
Meines Wissens nach: Ja! Allerdings wirkt es sich erst eine oder sogar mehrere Runden später aus. Aber Vorsicht: Halbwissen! Das habe ich mal irgendwo gelesen, ich weiss aber nicht mehr, wo...

Mein Vorschlag: Einfach ausprobieren! Wenn's nicht klappt ist so ne FitE-Runde ja schnell nochmal gemacht! :ditsch: