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Der Zarewitsch
10.02.03, 09:22
Mr. Mikael,

would you please discribe to me what infos on Weimar you are loooking for?

I found a couple of adresses I could write to. :)

Mikael XII
10.02.03, 21:06
Ok, then i shall begin.

I have received BIO of the last Grand duke, but there is still loads missing:

1. Texts about Grand Duchess Karoline Reuss of Greiz
2. Some sort of description where Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach where.
3. Palaces of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.
4. Any more information connected with the Grand Duchy.
5. As the title is Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, i assume their grand ducal palace was in Weimar or Eisenach, or maby both.

So there you have it

Der Zarewitsch
01.03.03, 12:30

I must apologize! I had so much to do lately that I forgot to send your request. :(

But I`ll attend to it right away.So,hopefully,you`ll get your infos within a week.

Cheers to Sweden! :prost: :)

Mikael XII
01.03.03, 13:40
All fine with me :)

Mikael XII
10.03.03, 19:02
Any Answers Mi Amigo ?

Der Zarewitsch
16.03.03, 09:08
Hi Mikael XII,

I was busy lately.

No answer from Weimar - :mad:

Now I adressed to the city of Greiz in order to get info on Caroline.
Anyhow - we`ll get the bio of that bit...!

Btw,you sure know about this SITE (http://www.deutsche-schutzgebiete.de/grossherzogtum_sachsen-weimar.htm)

There are pics and maps.

The grand ducal palace "Residenzschloss" was located in Weimar.

You can find infos on the Residenzschloss and other palaces/castles
HERE (http://www.thueringen.de/schloesser/englisch/index_en1.htm)

Very helpful for you as there is an english version of all the texts.

Mikael XII
16.03.03, 09:38
Good work Zarewich, very good work.

A biography of that lady is excellent to have, and the link to Thuringer schloss was even better :) a million thanx.