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19.05.08, 13:43
Um die Wartezeit auf den Release von BoA2 Wars in America zu verkürzen, stellt Hok (BoA2 Project Manager) die ersten neuen Features vor

#1 mehr als 1.300.000 km² zur Karte hinzugefügt


Das erste bemerkenswerte neue Feature in BoA2 ist die Karte.

Unter Beibehaltung des kunstvollen Erscheinungsbildes von BoA1 wurde die Karte in Richtung Westen und Süden erweitert, so dass nun mehr Konflikte in Nord Amerika behandelt werden können.

Die neue Karte fügt mehr als 1.300.000 km² Land und Seegebiet hinzu, das bedeutet ungefähr 50% mehr Landfläche als in BoA1 und das beinhaltet noch nicht die neuen Off-Map Boxes, die sich mit Europa und dem -im Verlgleich zu BoA1- neuen maritimen Schwerpunkt des Nachfolgers befassen (dazu später mehr).

Große Teile Floridas, Louisianas und der Mississippi sind nun voll bespielbar (wie z.B. im Szenario "1779 Galvez Campaign")

Auch die Great Lakes können nun in ihrer vollen Größe bestaunt werden.


20.05.08, 12:16
#2 Truppen


Eine große Vielfalt von Truppentypen wurde implementiert, darunter :
Leichte Infantrie
Koloniale Regimenter
Bewaffnete Battoemen
Schützen (rifleman)
foot guards
irreguläre Truppen
Feld Artillerie
etc.Insgesammt gibt es über 500 verschiedene Einheitenmodelle. Alle wurden bzgl. der folgenden Eigenschaften unterschiedlich eingestuft: offensive und defensive Stärke, Moral, Erfahrung, Zusammenhalt, Truppenqualität, geografische Herkunft, Bewegungsart und einige Spezialeigenschaften.


22.05.08, 11:44

23.05.08, 16:54
Und weiter gehts... (Bin grad auf dem Sprung, daher noch keine Übersetzung. :schande: )
#3 Scenarios and Campaigns


Most of the scenarios from BOA have 'migrated' to WIA (with tons of improvements, of course! More on that in another feature focus :nuts:).

- Campaign 1755-1763
- Montcalm 1756
- Annus Mirabilis 1759
- Campaign 1775-1783
- Campaign 1776-1783
- Carolina 1776
- Saratoga 1777
- Campaign 1778
- Tory Indian War 1778
- Lincoln 1779
- Greene 1780
- Cornwallis 1781
- Yorktown 1781

Additional new scenarios are being developed and tested:

1636 Pequot War [Great Britain colonies vs. Native Americans]

The Pequot War was an armed conflict between an alliance of Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies, with Native American allies (the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes), against the Pequot tribe. This war saw the elimination of the Pequot as a viable polity in what is present-day southern New England.

1756 Montcalm – Roi Louis 'what-if' [France vs. Great Britain]

A what-if scenario. The player start with exactly the same setup as the 1756 Moncalm scenario. If the French player succeeds in capturing and holding several strategic locations [or Albany alone], the French King [Roi Louis XV] becomes convinced that the capture of all of North America is in reach. Additional reinforcements are sent to pursue this goal.

1774 Dunmore's War [Great Britain colonies vs. Native Americans]

This scenarios covers the brief war in 1774 between the Colony of Virginia and the Indian nations of the Shawnee and Mingo.

The conflict resulted from escalating violence between British colonists who in accordance with previous treaties were exploring and moving into land south of the Ohio River—modern West Virginia and Kentucky—and American Indians who held treaty rights to hunt there. As a result of successive attacks by Indian hunting and war bands upon the settlers, war was declared to pacify the hostile Indian war bands.

1779 Galvez War [Spain vs. Great Britain]

This scenarios covers the campaigns conducted by Spanish governor of Louisiana between 1779 and 1781 which saw the conquest of British West Florida.

On June 21, 1779 Spain declared war on England. Gálvez, Governor of Louisiana, swiftly and secretly organized Louisiana and New Orleans for war. After many victories, he received many honors from Spain for his military victories against the British, including promotion to lieutenant general and field marshal, governor and captain general of Louisiana and Florida (now separated from Cuba), the command of the Spanish expeditionary army in America, and the titles of viscount of Gálveztown and count of Gálvez.

1791 Fallen Timbers [Americans vs. Native Americans]

This scenarios covers the campaigns conducted by American forces against the Delaware and Shawnee Indians between 1791 and 1794 which saw the establishment of American control in the Northwest Territory.

...and Pontiac's War ... and new 1812 Scenarios including a full 1812 campaign...

23.05.08, 18:11
1756 Montcalm – Roi Louis 'what-if' [France vs. Great Britain]

GEIL! Französisch-Amerika, ich komme! :D

28.05.08, 19:36
BOA2 – Feature focus : # 4 Special Orders


Specials Orders in BOA2 is the tool provided to the player in order to adjust finely how you want your armies and fleets to interact with the map or your enemy.
Not all are available at a given time, as many are contextual to the place where is your army (build something eg), how able is your commander (if he is activated eg), or need to be triggered by a special unit or a specific condition (promoting a general eg).

Here is the list of orders which will be available. Don't hesitate to ask questions!

http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/8536/soambushta9.jpg Ambush: Irregular units, like partisans, indians, rangers and raiders can try to set an ambush in wild, hilly or forrested regions. If they succeed they will have great combat benefits against an enemy entering the region, including first fire and the possibility to retreat easily.

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/5012/soforcemarchms7.jpg Forced March: Forced march allows the force to move at a faster pace, but stragglers will result in a loss of combat potential. Good leaders and light units are more able to succeed.

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/1538/soincsqg6.jpg Shelter in cityscape (when movement end): The force will enter the cityscape (city or fort) in the region they end their move. Useful when you want to garrison a structure with a force away from it at the start of the turn.

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/7528/sooutcsue7.jpg Make a (conditional) sortie: Your force is currently within a besieged fort or city. By ordering a sortie, it will join any combat initiated by a relief force outside the structure.

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/7654/sonavalbombjx5.jpg Naval Bombardment: Your fleet has some bombardment capacity and will bombard the first coastal structure or entranched position they encounter, provided you also have a force in the target region (support bombardment only). The enemy can retaliate in force if he has emplaced batteries (beware entrenched guns!).

http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/3269/sobuilddepotxe6.jpg Build a depot: The force will build a depot, by expanding 2 supply units.

http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/5929/sodesstrucny6.jpg Destroy Structure : The force will destroy the depot.

http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/6421/sobuildfortgf9.jpg Build a Fortification: The force will build a fortification network, by expanding 2 supply units and 2 artilleries units.

http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/1200/sodesfortck5.jpg Destroy Fortification: The force will destroy the fortification in the region.

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/8613/sopromoteleaderfi7.jpg Promote a leader: The leader has gained enough seniority to be eligible for promotion to a new rank.

http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/5647/soevadezj7.jpghttp://img165.imageshack.us/img165/2482/soevadenavtn4.jpg Evade fight (land or naval): the force is trying to escape fight in traveled regions. The chances are based on the Evasion value you have compared to the Patrol value your enemy has in the regions.

http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/4430/sodestructln7.jpg Disband unit / Spike the Guns : The unit will be disband or destroy (for artilleries or supplies) and the troops will be disband. Be careful disband unit on a leader will send him to retirement !!!

http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/8515/sodistantunloadbp2.jpg Distant unload: You will be able to demand to your naval unit to sail to a coastal region and to unload troups in the same turn.

04.06.08, 18:40
Im aktuellen Feature Focus geht es um die Kohäsion der Einheiten:

BOA2 - feature focus : #5 Cohesion

Each unit in the game has a Cohesion Level attached to it. Often you will experience that the opposing armies of a fierce fight (multi-days battles for example) will rout far before being destroyed, as mighty leviathians wounded but still alive.

Wait a month or two, so that the morale of your units is restored and the replacements conscripts fill the ranks, and you are again ready to engage the enemy.
Try to follow the opponent, and you will often find that you are in as nearly a bad shape as him !

Each battle, each movement will down your Cohesion Level ! Preventing players from long run across the map.

11.06.08, 19:49
BOA2 - Feature focus : #6 Migrated scenarios


As previously reported, most of the scenarios from BOA have 'migrated' to WIA.

Many changes have been made to take advantage of the new Game Engine, as well as many excellent inputs from the BoA community, modders, and researchers.

New models and units [in many cases with new graphics] include:
Riflemen {regular, elite, militia and back woods}
British Grenadiers
New German units {Jagers, Grenadiers, Artillery}
Naval Stores {immobile supplies}
New variations of garrisons {1 company, militia, regulars, provincials, Canadian Colonials}
Many new Native units {Sioux, Seminole, Shawnee}
.An entire new set of 1812 units {multiple Infantry types, Fusiliers, Hussars, Yeomanry, Swiss Infantry, Voltigeurs, Pirates}
...and many new leaders for all factions
All Campaigns and Scenarios have been adjusted for these new units, as well as having some new events added.

There has been much focus on the major campaigns during migration, with many new events added as well as new villages, towns, cities and forts in the regions that were “to the west of the map edge” in BoA.

In particular, the entire 1755 campaign, as well as the 1756 Montcalm and 1759 Annus Mirablis scenarios have been completely overhauled. They are now very similar to the wonderful BoA mod done by lightfantastic, and described in his AAR. [http://www.ageod.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7175] (http://www.ageod.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7175) {In fact, lightfantastic personally spent many hours rewriting these scenarios into WiA Databases. A very large thank you}

The Cherokee War of 1755 is now included in the 1755 Campaign, requiring the British to pay more attention to the South

The 1775-1776 Campaigns have had their OOB adjusted to historical, and many new events added. Paul Revere will spy on the British in Boston. You will see Lord Dunmore's escape, followed by his liberation of the slaves and raising of Loyalist forces. Congress will require you to invade Canada in 1775, or pay a price! Georgia rebels will respond to attacks on critical towns. Benedict Arnold and Major Andre will spy on Washington's forces.

You will encounter the effects of Thomas Paine's “Common Sense”, Nathan Hale's capture and execution, George Galphin's negotiations with the Cherokee Nation, Ben Franklin's efforts in Europe, Galvez and his Spanish forces in Louisianne [incorporated into the campaign based on the new separate scenario], many more American privateers and the 'smaller' Continental Navy ships, and much more.

...and the Continental Marines arrive on November 10, 1775 with Samuel Nicholas! Semper Fi!

12.06.08, 09:38
Noch eine Frage, die den einen oder anderen möglicherweise interessieren könnte...


Will BoA2 allow to recruit troops?

Some while ago it was said yes, now I am not so sure.Arsan is right, some military or diplomatic options will permit to recruit some units or have more reinforcement.

Rebels are able to buy canon to French and English to send some troops on America for example.
Supply, militia, Privateers, Warships, Regulars, Natives ... can be bought with options system.

24.06.08, 20:24
Wieder ein neues Feature


If you remember BOA1, you only had the main musical theme to enjoy during your campaigns in the wilderness. Great as it was, it sounded repetitive in the end!

The soundtrack is now made of no less than twelve songs, recorded by musicians of the the US Army's 3rd US Infantry Regiment Fife and Drum Corps.

Yes, dear Sir, the US Army accepted to give us songs, and all of our contacts within it have been great people. The good work of Markshot in discussing with us the terms of agreement has also been instrumental in convincing the Army that the songs of the Fife & Drum Corps were particularly fit for an historical game like WIA.

As you'll be planning your moves, you'll be hearing several FIW or AWI classics amongst the recordings.

Captain O'Kain
Drowsey Maggie
Paddy O'Rafferty
Panda Bear
Royal American Medley
Songs of War
Spirit of America
The Boys of Bluehill
Two Sided Show
Yankee Doodle

With such an environment, we hope the gaming experience will be even more immersing.

Add also that the sound library has been expanded with 30 new environmental sounds, for a more diverse gaming experience.


The 3rd US Infantry Regiment is the Army's oldest infantry regiment.
The 3rd Infantry Regiment was originally activated as the 1st American Regiment on 3 June 1784.

26.06.08, 20:27
Today we will explore a new fascinating feature of War in America. Military and Diplomatic Options!

Expanding on the system first introduced in Napoleon’s Campaigns, but even more versatile, diverse and prettier graphically, options are proposed to you in the various campaigns, depending of the date of the scenario, the side you are playing with and the usage of past options.

If you can afford them (the currency unit is something we call EP, and we will let you guess what is hiding behind this acronym until the next feature focus!), then to you some new benefits!

Benefits are diverse. And tricky too. The military options are usually giving you some new units to play with (it can be regular or Indian raiders, depending of the scenario, often both depending of your situation), or more replacements for the depleted ranks of your soldiers (you can forget about the free replacements of BOA1, now you’ll have to make choices!). This can also be the training of your soldiers (Continental Army trained earlier, anyone?).

Diplomatic options are even broader in effect, because they can alter the entire course of the war. Will you try to secure an earlier deal with Indian tribes?, will you ask the King of France for an early intervention? Or do you want to play dirty? Try proposing a Royal Pardon to those American Rebels, to see if they are as motivated as they pretend.

Or as the American, hire more privateers, and send them to plunder the placid British merchantmen (if the British side made the error of not protecting his commercial sea lanes). What, commercial sea lanes? This must be yet another feature to discuss. :siffle:


27.06.08, 17:58
Also das heißt bei WIA muss man sich selbst um nachschub und truppenverstärkungen kümmern und macht waffengeschäfte mit den indianern
aber die grundeinheiten die damals am kontinent waren werden doch hoffentlich erhalten geblieben sein oder muss man eine komplett neue armee erstellen :???:

27.06.08, 18:55
Also das heißt bei WIA muss man sich selbst um nachschub und truppenverstärkungen kümmern und macht waffengeschäfte mit den indianern
aber die grundeinheiten die damals am kontinent waren werden doch hoffentlich erhalten geblieben sein oder muss man eine komplett neue armee erstellen :???:Man wird in WIA keine Armeen aufstellen können und auch die Möglichkeit zur Rekrutierung wird auf einige wenige Optionen beschränkt sein, in denen man EPs gegen Truppen tauschen kann.

(Was EPs sind, wird aber erst in einem der nächsten feature foci verraten. :teufel: )

01.07.08, 20:00
Und weiter geht es...


The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been significantly enhanced since BOA1. For the old grognards there, you will discover that BOA2 now features several key resolutions, all with custom graphics made by our artists, so that you can take the maximum of your computer screen. In addition to a bigger map to see in higher resolution, you’ll also get longer Messages and Units panel. This proves very useful when manipulating large stacks.
For new users, rest assured: BOA2, as with all AGEOD games, support ALL resolutions made on earth. Even mighty 2536 pixels wide, or weird resolutions are automatically supported, in Windowed or Full Screen mode, with borders or without, at your leisure.
Is that all? Nay Sir! Because you also get several benefits added to our engine since the initial release of BOA1. For example, you can alter the brightness of the map, and/or of the units, if you find the snow of New England too hard on your eyes for example.
But veterans of the previous AGEOD games want more… Something really novel in the GUI of BOA2, never seen in any other AGEOD games? Yes, we can do that: the Stack List. In addition to the Unit List, which list … units, one by one in the ledger, you now get an alternate view listing your stacks. You can sort these stats on many parameters, and you are also able to filter the ones of particular importance to you. Where are my stacks with few supply, where are the ones with a Command Penalty? The Stack List allows you to check that easily.

Talking about User Interface, the best is yet to come. Something huge will be announced tomorrow in the Feature Focus #10. Stay tuned, it is a truly major addition to the game!

1600x1200 Screen:

1280x1024 Screen:

The Stacklist:

Darkened Map (adjusting Brightness Level):

02.07.08, 18:42

Dear players,

Here is the new feature of the day. BOA2 features a full replay module! The time where you wondered how your sneaky PBEM opponent (or the AI) managed to act so mischievously without you being able to know where the threat came from is OVER!

The game now generates a replay file for each side each turn. You can access it either from the main menu or from a button on the main interface of the current game.

One of the added cool features is that replay files can be exchanged or given to others players... You can even store them in your 'library of famous moves' to mock your puny opponent! (Remember when I pulled that double encirclement of Charleston while disembarking from a fleet that just blew past you, George?)

The replay buttons allow you to view each day step by step, a continuous forward replay, a backward replay, and many others neat things to help you understand how each move happened... Definitively a must have for serious gamers!


10.07.08, 06:19
Werter Dooya,könnt ihr uns das System mit den EPs mal etwas näher erläutern,da man damit wohl die military und diplomacy options aktivieren kann.

herzliche grüsse

Hohenlohe,der etwas neugierig ist...*grins*:D:smoke:

10.07.08, 08:29
Werter Dooya,könnt ihr uns das System mit den EPs mal etwas näher erläutern,da man damit wohl die military und diplomacy options aktivieren kann.

herzliche grüsse

Hohenlohe,der etwas neugierig ist...*grins*:D:smoke:Die Engagement Points sind im Prinzip eine "Währung" für Wirtschaftskraft und politischen Einfluss.

Man erhält sie über folgende Wege:
(1) Einkommen durch Handelsschiffe und Freibeuter
(2) Halten von strategischen Städten und Zielobjekten.

Wenn feindliche Freibeuter deine Handelsschiffe versenken, kannst du EP verlieren, wenn freundliche Freibeuter fremde Handelsschiffe kapern, kannst du sie gewinnen. Ebenso wenn deine Handelsschiffe ihre Zielhäfen erreichen. (Mir ist im Moment nicht so ganz klar, ob und wie dieser Mechanismus beeinflussbar ist; könnte sein, dass das ganze Event-gesteuert ist. :???: )

Ausgeben kann man die EP dann für militärische und politische Optionen; einen anderen Zweck haben die EP m.W. nicht.

10.07.08, 11:24
Werter Dooya,muss ich als Brite meine Handelsschiffe zu Zielhäfen schicken oder reicht es,wenn ich sie in den Shipping Boxes lasse ???

herzliche grüsse

Hohenlohe,der für jeden Rat dankbar ist...*untertänigstverbeugvor Dooya*:D:rolleyes:

10.07.08, 12:41
Werter Dooya,muss ich als Brite meine Handelsschiffe zu Zielhäfen schicken oder reicht es,wenn ich sie in den Shipping Boxes lasse ???

herzliche grüsse

Hohenlohe,der für jeden Rat dankbar ist...*untertänigstverbeugvor Dooya*:D:rolleyes:Hab mich extra nochmal schlau gemacht: Die Handelsschiffe müssen sich in der "Shipping Lane" Off-Map Box befinden, um EP zu generieren.

10.07.08, 20:20
Danke werter Dooya,jetzt muss ich mich nur noch vor den Privateers in Acht nehmen...*grins*

herzliche grüsse

Hohenlohe,der sich herzlichst bedankt für die Hilfe heute...*freu*:smoke::D