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06.08.08, 15:44
Here's what's in the 1.020 patch that should be released sometime next week:

1. Rule Change - Damaged units will never be sent to factories in border states. The only exception to this is Kentucky if it has become a permanent member of one side.
2. Rule Change - The Scouted Level rules were not working correctly and while fixing it the rules were slightly altered. Now just before the combat phase (even if there is no combat), the following units check against the Scouted Level: 1) Attacking units that moved more than one area check against the SLP (Scouted Level Percentage) of the area they attacked from. 2) Defending units that reacted into a combat area check against the SLP of the conflict area. 3) Other units that moved during their turn but are not attacking check against ˝ the value of the SLP of the area they ended their move in (attacking side units only). Units that didn’t move do not check against the SLP.
3. Rule Change – The number of supplies that may be destroyed by a cavalry raid in each area raided can never be greater than the raid attack value, while the number of supplies captured can never be greater than the raid attack value divided by 10.
4. Bug Fix – The background sounds in the leader screen will no longer start restart every time a filter button is clicked on.
5. Bug Fix - Units may now move between Franklin, West Virginia and Lexington, Virginia as they should according to the map.
6. Bug Fix – Changes have been made to better sync up the number of men reported as casualties in a battle and the units actually hit in the battle.
7. Bug Fix – In some cases leaders were unable to move directly across a minor river if they didn’t start next to the river, even if they had the required number of movement points. This has been fixed.
8. Bug Fix – Units that had tactically moved were not able to forage even if attached to leaders with remaining movement points. This has been fixed.
9. Bug Fix – It was possible to repeatedly appoint an Army Commander to Army Command or a Theatre Commander to Theatre Command, thus increasing the leader’s command rating. This is no longer allowed.
10. Bug Fix – The Scouted Level rules were not working correctly. Now all units are checked against the scouting level each turn just prior to the combat phase, whether there is a combat to be executed or not, as per our original rules intent.
11. Bug Fix – In some rare cases ACs that were not present in a battle might provide combat bonuses to units. This has been fixed.
12. Bug Fix – When the Emancipation Proclamation was declared, in the situation where Kentucky should have become Confederate Aligned, it was instead becoming a full member of the Confederacy. This has been fixed so it will only become Aligned.
13. Bug Fix – Heavy Artillery units not attached to a leader were not attaching to a leader automatically when involved in bombardment combat. They will now auto attach to a leader when bombarded.
14. Bug Fix – There were several rare situations where the supply cost of an area was incorrectly showing a 1 for an area with an enemy factory, and other rare situations where the cost to build a depot was not correctly accounting for the supply cost. These have been fixed.
15. Bug Fix – In version 1.010 some enemy supplies were not showing up on the map when using Fog of War and the Show Supply Units on Map button is active. This has been corrected so that it works as it did in version 1.000 and all supplies are shown on the map.
16. Bug Fix - Heavy artillery performing an op-fire attack on naval combat units (fleets) in a river were receiving the +4 DRM for firing at a target in the river. They should not get this DRM and this has been fixed.
17. Bug Fix – In a few rare instances it’s been reported that Union free trade was reduced by a negative value at each port, actually increasing the free trade. A fix has been made so that free trade reductions will never be negative.
18. Bug Fix – Ships were not getting the benefit of sub-commanders when engaging enemy heavy artillery or participating in a ground attack. Sub-commanders now will provide combat bonuses to ships in these cases.
19. New Troubleshooting Note - A few users have reported random crashes on the first turn during the Union AI turn. This only seems to occur when the Show Move Animations option is turned on. If this happens to you, we suggest you turn this preference option off, or you set the non-player animation speed to 0.

06.08.08, 15:45
wusste immer schon das die recons nicht korrekt arbeiten :-))


James Longstreet
06.08.08, 16:12
Was sind denn recons:???:

06.08.08, 16:56
das --> http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recon_by_Fire