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Der junge Fritz
19.08.10, 10:35
Gamescom 2010: New Trailer for Lionheart: Kings' Crusade Unveiled!
Are you Born to Command the World?
GAMESCOM, COLOGNE – August 18, 2010 – Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games today released a new trailer from the upcoming real-time strategy title, Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade at Gamescom.

Taking you through the pre-battle preparation, battle and siege phases of a full scale engagement the trailer displays different facets of warfare gameplay in Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade.

The trailer is available here:
YouTube - Born to Command the World - Lionheart Kings' Crusade Gamescom 2010 Trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5uGOUQw6Bw)

Paradox also released brand new screens that features new battle scenes and sneak peeks of history rewritten.

Slated for release this fall, Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade invites players to rewrite history through controlling and upgrading leaders and their armies, guiding various historical factions through political events, collecting relics, and unlocking new content in a feature-rich campaign set to take on the strategy genre by force.

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20.08.10, 07:47
Na, hat da jemand die Engine von Creative Assembly gekauft?

Sieht aber interessant aus. Bin gespannt.:gluck:

20.08.10, 12:56
ich frag mich nur wer den thread in crusader kings 2 reingeschoben hat :???:

Der junge Fritz
20.08.10, 13:17
ich nicht, wurde verschoben!

15.03.12, 10:31
irgnedwelche Erfahrungen mitlerweile?