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15.04.11, 18:48
Hi everyone, and welcome back to another development diary. It is very exciting watching the team work hard at it, and seeing all the new features coming in. This week the guys wrapped up the military system, and I also saw the first versions of how ninjas wll work.

Since Sengoku is based on the experiences of Crusader Kings and Rome, it is definitely a character driven game. So in this development diary I'll talk a little about how the characters work in the game. The characters in the game is the core, the things that everything revolve around. In EU we have the countries as the core, in Victoria its the pops, in HoI3 its your armies, while here we have the characters.

As you may notice on the screenshot here, we are using a similar technique as in Crusader Kings 2. There is DNA that descibes how characters look like, and children will inherit those from their parents, which will make people in a families resemble each other. We've been aiming for a stylistic approach on the look of the characters, which will create a specific feeling when playing.

Sengoku has in its historical setup a number of famous characters from the period. The two big war lords at the time were the bitter enemies Yamana Sozen and Hosokawa Katsumoto who would lead the Western and Eastern armies of the Onin War. There's Akamatsu Masanori, who would become one of Hosokawa's leading generals who fought to restore his family's standing, and who starts out as a small vassal. You have the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa who is in a dispute with his brother Ashikaga Yoshimi over who will inherit the shogun title, Yoshimi or Yoshimasa's infant son.

Each character have three specific attirbutes that defines them. First of all there is the martial ability, this one affects how good a commander is in battle and how good is troops is fighting. The second one is diplomacy that affects your interactions with other characters. Finally there is intrigue, which impacts how a character performs in plots and handling ninjas.

Characters also have two resources, which they can gain or lose, and those two are honor and gold. Honor is resource that is gained by doing what is expected of a proper Japanese samurai, while you lose it from doing things which may not be perfectly proper. Gold, well, if I need to explain this.. then just send me all gold you have.

Of course, characters will also have traits. Traits are descriptive statements of a character that has gameplay effects. As an example, one character may be stressed, which impacts his abilities to perform, while another is a genius which gives some very nice bonuses to what he does. A character can have several traits at once, but some are mutually exclusive, as you can't be both quick and slow at the same time. Other types of traits include brilliant strategist, calligraphist and ruthless.


16.04.11, 13:21
Also Crusader Kings minus Religion...

16.04.11, 13:40
Ich finde es sieht eher nach Rome aus als nach CK. Was es nicht unbedingt besser macht......

17.04.11, 22:09
Hehe doch tut es, CK ging mir jedenfalls immer ab, das war doch einfach nicht spielbar, konnte man doch gleich "Bauer sucht Frau" schauen.