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Ruprecht I.
06.05.11, 17:26
Auch wenn sich zurecht niemand für Hearts of Seppuku Kings Universalis interessiert, so gibbet trotzdem ein neues DD:

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Sengoku development diaries after a 2 week hiatus due to the Easter Holidays and a press tour in the US last week. As you have seen we've got plenty of good coverage out of it so far, and there is more to come in the next few weeks. Today Johan is in London, so that is why Besuchov is posting this development diary.

This time we want to talk a little about the options that you get from the diplomacy. Diplomacy is the slightly more peaceful way to become more powerful compared to the paths of martialness and intrigue.

Only independent rulers can negotiate with someone outside their clan. If you are part of a clan and not the clan leader, you do not talk to anyone outside the clan.

You can always try to ask a weaker clan to join your clan, and if they like you enough and respect you enough they may become a vassal of your clan.

In most of our games, alliances tend to be just words, broken at will when a player decides this is not to their advantage anymore. In sengoku this is no longer true. To arrange an alliance you have to exchange hostages, which will be actual characters that are closely related to you. So if you break your alliance, there are direct repercussions to those poor hostages.

Of course, since this is a character-driven game, you can always arrange marriages for your lord and/or his children. This is usually a way to get good relations with another clan. The impact on relations depends on how closely related the people are to the clan leaders. The difference between Sengoku and a game like Crusader Kings is that there is no inheritance of lands outside of a clan, so you don't marry to gain land immediately.

Since Sengoku is a game based on a feudal system, you can not control all the land your self, its neither efficient nor possible. Therefore there are several ways to organise your clan's holdings by setting up who controls which province. You can give titles to your vassals to strengthen them, or you can create new vassals from courtiers by handing them control over a province. If someone is slightly disloyal to you, or you have need of their lands, you may try to revoke the title from them.

Have you ever played Crusader Kings or Rome, and had a court filled to the brim with characters you had no reason to use for anything. In Sengoku you have the new option to Retire them to a Monastery, which will remove them from the game, at your choice.

If you have a vassal in your clan that has conspired against you, and is at low honor, you can always demand that he commits seppuku. Of course he can refuse, losing even more honor... and you will lose some honor as well.

Ihr wollt Bilder?
Dann geht doch 'rüber (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?535491-Sengoku-Development-Diary-4-Diplomacy&)!

10.05.11, 18:25
Yep. Nach dem Interesse der Regenten hier zu urteilen, könnte Sengoku verkaufszahlenmäßig noch Victoria 1 in negativer Weise toppen.

11.05.11, 16:52
Ich habe Victoria I gekauft und auch Sengoku finde ich bisher ansprechend.

Refizul der I
12.05.11, 16:46
Yep. Nach dem Interesse der Regenten hier zu urteilen, könnte Sengoku verkaufszahlenmäßig noch Victoria 1 in negativer Weise toppen.
Da ich plane CK2 bereits zum Release zu kaufen und damit ja quasi Beta-Tester für das Spiel werde sehe ich keinen Grund mir das auch noch bei einem zweiten Spiel, welches sich bis auf das Szenario wohl kaum vom ersten unterscheided, anzutun.

Somit werde ich den "zumindest auf das erste Addon warten" Grundsatz für Paradoxspiele bei Sengoku einhalten.