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14.05.11, 13:42
Hello and welcome to another development diary for our big upcoming game Sengoku. Our internal team here at Paradox is busy working hard on the game and we reached the alpha milestone earlier this week. This means that the game is now feature complete and we're just working on polishing, bug fixing and AI improvement for the rest of the project.

Today, let's sneak a peek at one of the aspects of Diplomacy that we didn't touch upon last week, namely War and Peace.

First off, all independent rulers have the opportunity to declare war on another ruler. Be wary though, about who they have as allies or if they are part of a stronger clan, since the lords of Japan take honoring their treaties very seriously. There is no casus belli concept in Sengoku, but you will lose honor when you declare a war. The amount of honor lost depends on your relation with the person you declare war upon, so declaring war on a trusted friend might not always be beneficial...


In Sengoku, the fighting and conquest all occurs within the same country and there are no formal negotiations about which clan controls which village or castle. With the breakdown of central authority, the right of control is settled on the battlefield.

There are five different types of peace that can be negotiated. First, there is the white peace, which means that you sign a peace keeping all control of the territory you hold at the time of the signing (and not as it was at the start of the war!) There is also the option of demanding or offering a hostage as a guarantee for a peace to be kept. Finally, there are the two options of either forcing your enemy to become your vassal, or you submitting to their overlordship.


Stay tuned for next week, when we'll speak of the internal management of your clan....


Ruprecht I.
14.05.11, 15:31
we're just working on polishing, bug fixing and AI improvement for the rest of the project
Ok, also seit gestern im Handel :cool:
Wie soll der Zustšndige (die community) das sonst erledigen...