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20.10.11, 20:11
Crusader Kings II - Dev Diary 16 - Technology (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?565679-Crusader-Kings-II-Dev-Diary-16-Technology)

Greetings, fellow medievalists!

'Tis Thursday, and time for another entry in my ongoing chronicle of fabulousness. You have asked of technology, so today, being the just and kind ruler that I am, I shall speak of technological advancements.

The technology system is, in fact, quite similar to the one in Crusader Kings. There are three main areas of technological advancement; Military, Economy and Culture. Each of these categories contains eight different technologies. For example, in the Military category, we have things like Castles, Bows, Tactics, and Light Armor. Every province in the game has its own level of advancement for all technologies (level 0 to V.) So Thrake might have Castles III, Legalism II, etc. Technology levels control what types of buildings can be built in the county holdings, the quality of the levies raised there, and many other things.

Technology tends to spread to neighboring counties like in Crusader Kings. You can increase the rate of innovation by focusing on one technology per category - also like in the original game. However, you now also have the option of sending one of your councillors to a county to increase the rate of innovation. For example, your Marshal can research military technology in one of your counties, and the Spymaster can study technology in a foreign province, which might spread its advancements to your capital.

The three technology categories are each associated with a character attribute, Military with Martial, Economy with Stewardship, and Culture with Diplomacy. All three are also helped by the Learning attribute (which is new to Crusader Kings II and the primary attribute of the Lord Spiritual). The rate of innovation thus depends on your ruler's skills (and those of the councillors and spouse.)

Until next time!