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27.10.11, 16:05
Hello again folks!

It's Thursday, and... well, you know the drill by now. The subject for today is the message system. Basically, we have been trying to find ways of making messages less intrusive. In a single player environment, a steady stream of pop-ups is not that bad, but when you run a multiplayer game where you cannot pause all the time, pop-ups are incredibly annoying. So we added the little Message Window and nuked all pop-up messages. Those of you who have played Sengoku will be familiar with that system. However, there are problems with that approach. Pop-ups still have their place when a message is really important. Thus, for Crusader Kings II, we took a few steps back.

What we have now is a system very similar to the one in Victoria II and EU3: Divine Wind, but instead of the little flag notifiers we have the new Message Window. Message pop-ups can be customized to look like either letters or normal event windows, and can be toggled on or off for every message type. They also support custom (and fully moddable) pictures and sounds. Oh, and you will probably be pleased to know that the message log is back again.


There are a few special pop-up messages, such as battle results and the message you get when a child is born (where you get the option of naming the baby yourself.)


That's all for now. Next week: Crusader Pandas.

Hurrah, Crudaer-Pandas !
Aber zum Glück sind die Flaggen Geschichte. Irgendwann hatte man einen einzigen Flaggensalat am rechten Rand durch den zumindest wir nicht mehr durchgeblickten.