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17.12.11, 14:07
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Yes, we are working on a set of 10 scenarios designed by Trey Marshall (WitE/WitW data and scenario researcher/designer) and John Duquette (editor manual writer). A few of these scenarios were originally available in their very early iterations in the mod section. They've been worked on a lot more, tested, and have been used by Gary to work on improving his AI routines (a lot of which carries over to the campaigns). Erik and I have even managed to PBEM Drama on the Danube twice (switching sides), and we found it a ton of fun (it's nothing like playing 1941 or 1942 as its the operations in Romania and Hungary from August 44 until the end of the war). We hope the scenarios will be availabe within the next few months. The scenarios use the latest WitE version.

As for WitW, it starts with the WitE engine and then will have many modifications made during development (some that have been initially tested in WitE testing but were considered too radical/risky to release in WitE but which we want to develop in WitW). Red, it will not be using a more abstract combat system. Simplicity is not what Gary's games do. Even his most commercially successful game, Steel Panthers, used very complex combat algorithms, and if you want complex, try WitP. They are not perfect simulations, but we think they get close enough. There are plenty of board and wargames that use simple combat systems, it's just not what Gary does.