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19.03.12, 19:51
Hätte jemand Interesse Mods wie The Prince And The Thane gemeinsam zu übersetzen? Da das teilweise eine richtige Menge ist um es allein zu übersetzen und es wirklich großartige Mods sind, wäre eine gemeinsame Übersetzung sicherlich nicht verkehrt.

Der Mod hat folgende, vielversprechende Features:

The Prince and the Thane - Macbeth's madness and Machiavelli's cunning

This is my first mod - please be clement with your judgement. The main idea behind the mod is, or at least was, to add new traits and events to the vanilla game in order to add more flavour, possibilities and entertainment. I have integrated other mods or parts of them into the main mod and given credit to the respective authors and contributors (see in features and changelog). If any of the people whose work I have integrated into my own mod would like me to remove it I will do so at once. Please notify me and I will comply asap.


18 new traits + 4 special traits + death traits. All traits have custom icons.
All new traits can be gained both through education and through random events.
150+ new events + all notifications when a new trait is gained + many new event pictures
Holy Roman Emperor papal coronation and King coronation events.
New and more accurate coats of arms and country flags.
New graphics for cities, depending on cultures.
More historical characters.
More and new nicknames.
Your new traits will grant you access to an exclusive set of events, all traits and events are historically relevant and add more flavour to the game.
Many new decisions, now it is possible to abdicate the throne, hire an artist or even found a priory!
New Kingdoms and Empires!
New Holy War system, the system works this way: if you have the prestige and piety requirements (350 prestige and 125 piety for kings and emperors, 150 prestige and 75 piety for dukes, none for counts) you can declare holy war on any neighboring territory, but just if a province of your demesne is bordering the province you wanna declare a holy war for. To make it possible to declare holy war on a territory who is bordered by any of your vassals you need to have at least limited crown authority.
Many new plots and ambitions.
Major effort towards balance and tweaks towards realism and immersion.
51 Historical characters fully implemented in game with dedicated events and the option to invite them to your court!
New Holy orders and mercenary bands.

The new traits are:

-Early Bank Sponsor
-Clerical Envoy
-Great Swordsman
-Crazed Plotter
-Taunted Knight
-Tales of the Grail
-Relic Hunter
-Victorious Warrior

Special traits:

-Crowned by Pope
-Rightful Monarch

To do:

-More plots and ambitions
-More historical features

And here are a couple of ingame screenshots:
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30.03.12, 18:36
Hallo, ich arbeite bereits daran diese MOD zu übersetzen. Genau so wie CK2+.
Mehr infos dazu im paradox forum :