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13.12.19, 01:55
Lang erwartet fixt dieser Patch einige unschöne & unpraktische Dinge. Changelog

1. Equipment Editor AP values for Air Equipment fixed (x2 instead of x8).
2. Situation Report VP Award values are now correct for Side 2.
3. Place Objective feature restored to TOAW III operation.
4. Scenario BMP for Briefing and Victory Dialogs now correctly shown.
5. Cooperation Flags restored to the Group Composition Dialog.
6. Air Report now comes up in OOB order (like it was under TOAW III).
7. Force Editor Supply Button info corrected.
8. Open/Save operations for OOB, Map, and Unit objects fixed.
9. Anti-ship combat by ships with the Dual Purpose Missile flag now automatically passes the Gunnery Range check.
10. Rules Preset for the last three options is now correctly saved with the game file.
11. Fixed the crash in the battle report.
12. Fixed the too severe counterbattery against coastal guns.
13. Fixed the load routine to clear the Theater Option structure for New Scenarios.
14. File Open should prefer Document folder over Program Files folder.
15. Graphics search now includes Program File/Graphics Override folder.
16. Fixed issue with units on frozen shallow water always being in supply regardless of path blockage.
17. Fixed the crash with the Editor Unit Report Size, Icon, & Color buttons.
18. Changed Target of Opportunity Interdiction attacks from before each combat phase to the end of each player turn (a significant reduction from the excess that had been occuring).
19. Fixed exploit which allowed switching sides using the Unit Panel.
20. “New Game” button will find the latest scenario version to run from multiple directories.
21. Fixed the crash when using Spanish language.
22. Fixed color file for Arracourt 44.

Chickamauga 1863 (Designer: Bob Cross)

Link zum Dowload und Mirrors gibt es hier:

13.12.19, 01:58
Patch sollte über jede Installation zu installieren sein, persönlich hab ich aber lieber mal Deinstalliert und den Installer und danach den Patch installiert, nur um sicher zu gehen.

14.12.19, 06:14
Funktionieren bereits laufende Spiele danach denn auch noch?

14.12.19, 16:57
Mh, nagelt mich da nicht fest aber das sollten sie. Die Änderungen betreffen ja eigentlich nur die Engine und sollten mit laufenden Spielen(save files) nichts zu tun haben.