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09.10.04, 12:21
Aus dem Paradox Forum:

Some non-forum posted screenshots:


On system requirements:
Below Victoria I suspect.
On alliances:
Seriously though... I won't tell you everything now... but yes... There will be alliances... Think a combo of vicky and eu2 somehow
On the tech system:
It is a rather different tech-system... But its most closely linked to HoI's one.. (except easier to use..)
On co-op MP:
cooperative MP = as many players as like to share the same country.
On whether sprite models will still be used:
Yes. And the idea is that we should have a picture of each unique national model in the interface as well.
On the new combat system:
"Movement is Attack" was one of the first things I had on my TODO list for HoI2
On betazoid contributions esp. Math Guy:
There are other guys than Math Guy who does alot more work than him, and please don't forget them...

I'd say our betazoids are probably the 15% from 95% to 110% in quality
In response to Slargos' supposition that the new "lightning" resource represents power and offers scenario balance oportunities:
Someone just won a prize!
On co-op multiplayer:
Co-Op MP is fun.
Johan on changing governments:
Changing Soviet to Democracy in HoI will take (dont recall exact setup), about 60+ years.
On unique unit sprites:
Yes. And the idea is that we should have a picture of each unique national model in the interface as well.
On divisions composed of different regiments:
We debated this, but the result would be even more micromanagement.
On the game timeframe:
timeframe is same as hoi1
On game complexity and keeping HOI from becoming Vicky:
HoI is HoI and Vicky is Vicky.

Sure there are things we're adding from Vicky, but Pops and a more detailed Economy is NOT amongst them.
Regarding battle scenarios:
"Guess what? " [IOW, they're in. There is now also a screenshot in the appropriate sticky thread. -von]
On holy land provinces:
In HoI2 the israel/palestine area consists of this.

Golan, Haifa, Tel-Aviv, Gaza, Jerusalem, Eilat, and 3 more in Sinai.
Hinting at new resources:
Guess I should have waited with screenshots until the new resources were done. [These are now confirmed. Look at the new screenshots if you missed the relevant threads. -von]

Originally Posted by Nikolai
Looks good.
Some questions:
1.) What are the difference between the two factory icons far upper right?
2.) How often can one change the politics slider, and can one change everyone every X year/month or just one of them?
3.) What do the leader faces do?
4.) I see that you have lots of influence points, has the cost, increase rate and so on changed much?
5.) The non-aggression pact, what are the chances for that to go through? I mean, here the relation is +0, but Germany probably have -200 or something, so is the chance influenced by something more?

Originally Posted by Johan

1) One is a dummy icon for something else than IC
2) TBD after testing, but currently its once every 6 months that a change can be done.
3) Thats the ministers of that nation.
4) There is no such thing as influence points in Hoi2.. Yet another dummy-icon for something else
5) Lots of things affect it, and at this point its hard to answer how it will be in the final version.
On the possibility of more than just the Big Three (Axis, Allied, Comintern) alliances:
yes its possible...

But those 3 are special main alliances. (And its very convenient to have them as "sort-buttons")

Yes.. Major nations and other fun nations (Sweden, Canada, Finland ) will have their own interface skins.

And making interface skins will be super-easy
Regarding the meaning of "TC" in alpha screenshot #2:
transport capacity
On the implementation of heavy tanks:
Heavy tanks are brigade attachments... (to medium-armor divisions only.)

Originally Posted by Slargos
Lightning isn't necessarily equal to electricity.

I'm putting my bets on "power" as resource.

This quite nicely solves the "But country X didn't have coal in that region!" complaint, and makes it easier to balance scenarios."

Originally posted by Johan

Someone just won a prize!
Regarding multiplayer issues in HOI 2:
1) hoi2 has password protected MP games in vnet.
2) techshare works entirely different in hoi2. (there is no techshare action for example.)
A full explanation of the resources seen in the alpha screenshots:
Resource icons are..

energy <- coal, wood, electricity, etc..
metal <- steel, aluminium, etc..
rare materials <-- rubber, suplhur, phosphates, etc.
oil <- aka fuel
supplies <-- same old.
money <-- its all about the dum-de-di-dum...
manpower <-- what you do not want to see at 0.
nukes <-- back to stone age!!!!
dissent <-- bad to have other than 0%
transport capacity <-- never ever ever go above capacity, or you can't supply yer troops.
IC <-- unused, available, base.
Regarding ship classes:
We got BC, CA, CL in Hoi2. just that the scenario-scripters have not been through and tweaked all models/classes yet.
On terrain and HQ divisions:
There are specific HQ divisions.
Provinces have pictures for terrain, but some urban provinces all support unique pictures.

Originally Posted by SilverDragon 72
After having another look on the naval screenshot:
I hope that not only carriers have an range attack value. It seems that all other ship can't attack due to firing range, no matter if it's an CA or an DD. So I really hope that there is also for non-CV units a range value for their main guns implemented !

Originally Posted by Johan

[IOW, there's something planned for this, precise details as of yet unknown. -von]
Regarding battle scenario tags:
We have Allies and Axis as generic tags to be used for certain battlescenarios
Regarding battle scenario reinforcement - preset/non-existent:
Each battlescenario has a large set of unique events for them.

This Battlescenario is called "The Ardennes Offensive" and involves two players only: The Allies and Germany, and the map is pretty much only what you see on the screen.

And battlescenarios are GREAT fun in short MP games.

Not all of them are small though.. They all range from covering entire western pacific down to covering just slightly more than finland


On the concepts behind HOI2:
First came the EUs (I & II) then came something completely different...HoI...then came something again completely different VIC...and then... CK again different

These games are all stand alones with their own logic. Hey there are similarities here and there, but we never have and prolly never will "cut n' paste" between different concepts.

HoI is a mix between a Grand Strategy and Grand Operational Wargame, while Victoria was more of a Grand Strategy-Management Game with some influences from Simulations.

Now Johan's Team (of which I am part) will make HoI2 faithful to original HoI concept, yes even moving it further to the original conceptual goal we had in those nice months before we started the HoI1 project.


Fredrik II

On collectors cases via online ordering:
Everything is possible

Thanks for the tip, it's a great idea.



On 3D graphics:
I think I don't violate my NDA when I say HOI II won't have 3D graphics
On map modability:
Eh? If you think the map will be modable: it will most definately be NOT.

The map is the way it is when it comes out of the box. No changes can be done then.
Regarding small provinces/playable nations:
Nope not in [Monaco], neither is Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino and the Vatican. Voila.
Same question regarding Faroe and Channel islands:
Ok, Faeroer are not in the game... neither are the Channel islands. There you go

Maximilian I

thereŽll be no time machines in hoi2. [ -von]


On beta age:
Haha, there's so many old betas in HoI2 they were joking about forming an over 50s clubs [ -von]