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Combat Events

There is a chance every hour that each combat can get a combat-event. These are automatical effects which effects how the battle performs.

What are the effects?

Combat events are easily visible in both the battle overview and the battle details screens.
Different doctrines give different chances for various types of combatevents.
There are different combatevents for attacker and defender.
They modify strength and org damage given and taken for the various sides.
HQ's and skillful leaders increase the chances for combat events occuring.

Which Combat Events are there?

Tactical Withdrawal

What does the betas say?

FSP - "It´s much more interesting to watch the battles now as they are much less deterministic. You always hope that your nearby HQ and your officers will give you a combat event. It´s also great that you are much more likely to get a defensive combat event like "Delay" if you play the French army, while playing the German army will more likely give you an "Encirclement" event."

Zanza - "I can remember a cool situation in one Barbarossa multiplayer game. Johan had launched an offensive against my brave Soviets and when I decided to attack his flank to weaken the attack he got two combat events, "delay" against my attack from the flank and "encirclement" for his main attack. Really bad luck for me..."

Pkunzipper - "Combat events are IMHO a very nice addition to combat engine! I like to think they as local situations that give a bonus to the whole army in the region, something like Rommel succesfull counterattack at Kasserine Pass, or the delay actions that 101st and Team Cherry armoured group did during Ardennes Offensive... In addition their chances depend on land doctrines of each country...so Soviets will be more likely to have some events based on total assaults, where they will take heavy losses, but will be more effective against the enemy (like Japanese Banzai charges), while Germans are more likely to have encyrclement and breakthrought events!"

JRaup - "I like the new combat events. They add more flavor and detail to the individual battles. Plus, it's no longer just a stright up calculation to determine a winner. One bad move and it's over, even if against a superior force. Not to mention that it makes certain units, like HQ's much more valuable."

nachinus - "Another beauty of combat events is something that I really like in complex games: they 'feel' as they were random, but they are far from random! Experienced players will know how to put the adequate factors in play to favour positive combat events. "


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